Buying a home with a renovation loan is the most fun and exciting way to buy a home. In today's competitive market, we can help you get the lifestyle you want and the quality you deserve without the premium price. We help make the most of your home purchase.

Instead of trying to find your dream home or spending years putting in "sweat equity," you can use the power of a home renovation loan to buy a home, often at a discount, and get exactly what you want in your new home. Don't waste your time trying to find the home that matches what you have in your mind. Let us help you create it.

Imagine the possibilities! Fun and exciting home shopping. Hassle free renovations. Peace of mind. Financial benefits. There is no better way to buy a home. Taking advantage of the FHA 203k home renovation loan gives you more options and more homes to choose from. Talk to us today about getting started.


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Most mortgages today require the house to be "move in" ready. That means everything needs to be functioning and maintained: no leaks, no breaks, and no problems. Good luck trying to find that! Have you ever seen "the perfect house" on a website only to be disappointed when you got there because the house needed "too much work?" That isn't a problem anymore. Every home has the potential to be the home you want it to be. Renovations usually take 30 days or less. Its much easier and faster than you think.

An FHA 203k loan is the one and only loan program that helps you buy a home "as is" and include all the costs of renovations with your mortgage. It is a government insured loan that doesn't require any special qualifications to use. And, you only need the normal 3% down payment that is required on regular FHA loans. Houses that need work generally sell for much less than those that don't so not only can you buy your home home for a discount but you'll be able to make it look and feel exactly the way you want.




When buying a home this way, you actually pay less for the home you want. The reason is simple. Houses that need work sell at a discount. Usually, the discount is greater than the cost of work needed. Renovated homes sell at a premium. We think it's an easy choice. Save money. Don't pay a premium when you don't have to. Buy at a discount and create the home you want.



Maria A.

"As a first-time home buyer, I was looking into finding a ready-to-move "perfect" home. Saw many homes and none of them met my standards. I was afraid to buy a home that needed renovations, new carpet, painting, etc. But when my Realtor and loan officer explained the FHA 203K program, my perspective changed. Every time my Realtor showed me a home, I saw beyond the broken walls, holes, dirty carpet, creepy basements. My focus was on location, price, and how it was going to look after I've made it my own. The process was simple. The value of my home immediately went from $122k to $163k. In less than a month, I moved in to a nice and beautiful home! I will do it again!"

Chad M.

"An extraordinary experience! Our Realtor, Lender and Contractor made our 203K-loan experience as "stress free" as possible. My wife and I were very nervous to buy a home in such poor condition but with our home buying team's experience and professionalism they turned a dilapidated house into a beautiful home for my family. The best part of the deal was that I purchased the home below market value and was able to make home repairs and improvements with the 203K loan while still maintaining positive equity - and in today's uncertain housing market that is not easy to do. I would highly recommend the 203K program to anyone considering buying a home."

Fred P.

"I Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the professional, yet highly personalized, effort you made for me on finding, purchasing and restoring my home in Clearview. Your knowledge of the market, quick understanding of my requirements and focus on value were rare. Through you and your restoration team I now own a beautifully restored home in a convenient upscale neighborhood. I actually have neighbors commenting on how beautiful it now is. Best of all, using your advice and counsel along the way, I have significant immediate equity in it with strong upside potential. I couldn't be happier. My everlasting thanks to you and your team."



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