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Established in 2005, Q Real Estate provides residential real estate services to buyers and sellers. Our firm represents individual home sellers and buyers, investors, and even institutions. Headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA and led by Chris Ognek, an expert in residential real estate sales, investment, and renovation management, Q Real Estate operates throughout Northern, North Central, and the Richmond metro area's of Virginia.

All of our agents are experienced with both buyers and sellers and pride themselves on being real estate professionals. Several of our team members have advanced degrees and specialize in real estate investment guidance. We also have agents who focus on being the experts on purchase and renovation transactions using the FHA 203k Program. In fact, the head of Q Real Estate teaches other real estate agents throughout the country on how to get the "Best House for the Lowest Cost" for their buyers using the 203k program.

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If you have a need for assistance reaching your real estate goals, whether buying or selling, our team is a great choice and we'd like to have the opportunity to show you why. The first step in reaching your goals is telling us what they are. So, contact us today to get started.




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